Funko Pop!: Marvel Venom #676 - Mayhem (April Parker) - Exclusive

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The latest Pop In A Box Exclusive has arrived! The Mayhem symbiote is hosted by the clone of May Parker, created by Norman Osborn as the very first human/symbiote clone. April's story is quite incredible, it tells the tale of her and May Parker's rivalry-turned-friendship-turned-rivalry. After escaping the stasis chamber in which she if found by Normie Osborn, Norman's grandson, she stalks May until the two finally collide and fight. The main difference between the two clones is that May does not kill her enemies, April is more than willing to use lethal force. After the reveal that Norman Osborn used the symbiote hybrid to fuse his mind with the bodies of May Parker, Peter Parker, and his symbiote hybrid creation. They battle in their collective consciousness, the Parker's ultimately end up winning the battle and the hybrid ends up joining the Parker family. May and April adjusted to life together with April enrolling in May's school however after an adventure which sees April don the Spider-Girl suit, she becomes jealous and starts to strike out on her own as Mayhem. April tries to threaten May into retiring as Spider-Girl and admitting May was the clone, this sparks a fight between the two. In one future, May dies in an explosion in the warehouse they're fighting in. April at this point travels back in time, transferring her memories into her younger self. In order to prevent a future where clones of the Carnage symbiote were conquering the world travelled back in time, April travels back in time, transferring her memories into her younger self. After this, she sacrifices herself to avert that future and so that May could live on, acknowledging she was the real clone before dying. This Mayhem Funko Pop! Vinyl comes packaged in a window displayed box and measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.